Is the iPad 2 Right for You?

The advent of the Apple iPad took the computer market by storm and essentially created the tablet industry. Much more portable than even a laptop computer, the iPad provides opportunities for business professionals as well as casual users to perform a variety of computer functions while on-the-go without the necessity to drag around a burdensome laptop case. Plus, with a battery boasting a ten-hour charge, iPad owners can use their iPads for several hours before worrying about running out of power.

With the arrival of the second-generation iPad, the iPad 2 now provides even greater functionality. Two built-in cameras can be used for either videos or photos. (This is particularly convenient for users of Skype or FaceTime.) The iPad 2’s dock port is much more flexible, allowing the option to mirror the display with an external monitor or projector. And with a dual-core chip, the processing speed has been increased dramatically over that offered by the first-generation iPad.

Yet the real question is, is it right for you? Is the iPad 2 just another fancy gadget-perhaps useful for some but a waste of money for most-or are there real benefits you could experience personally? Here are seven of the primary reasons you should seriously consider purchasing an iPad 2.

Educational Apps for Children. From toddlers through teens (and beyond), the iPad’s App Store can supply you with Apps that teach. Those with young children will particularly surprised by how intuitive the iPad 2 can be for them to use. Even infants can take advantage of the user-friendly touch screen. The iPad 2 offers apps that can help teach the alphabet, numbers, reading, music, math, science, problem solving, and so much more.

Up-to-date News. Most major news services now offer apps for the iPad 2. Many of these apps are even free. Whether you use it to read a daily newspaper, magazines, or watch news foot age, the i Pad 2 helps you stay informed about what is happening in the world and in your community.

Email and Browsing. As you might expect, the iPad 2 is equipped to provide you with access to your email account and to allow you to surf the Internet. One major disadvantage, though, is that the iPad 2 is not equipped to play flash video.

Word Processing. The word processing apps available on the iPad 2 can likely meet your basic needs. Apple’s own word processing app, Pages, is relatively inexpensive and can be used to create and edit your documents. Though it lacks the spectrum of editing options available on a full computer system, Pages does allow you change the font, create lists, and insert media, tables, charts, or shapes

Presentation Capability. Apple sells an app version of Keynote, though other presentation apps are also available. You can show presentations directly on the screen of the iPad 2 or, if you prefer, send the display signal to an external monitor or video projector. This is especially useful ifyou regularly make presentations before an audience, whether in a small boardroom or a large auditorium. With the correct dock adapter, you can export the signal in either VGA or HDMI formats. Ifyou also own an iPhone, you may be able to use it as a remote control (depending on the specific app you use).

Entertainment. By syncing through iTunes, you can import music, pod casts, or videos onto your iPad 2 for you to enjoy at your leisure. Or you can use iTunes on the iPad 2 itself to download media. There are several other media apps available, too, many of which are free. And if you are a Netflix subscriber, you can use the Netflix app to watch movies and TV shows on your iPad 2.

Games. Regardless of your age or interests, you can find games for the iPad 2 that will catch your attention and engage you for hours. The iPad App Store now contains more than 100,000 apps, including tens of thousands of games Even better, many of these games are free or offer free versions

Depending on your specific needs, you may or may not be able to use an iPad 2 exclusively. It is more likely that you will still need a desktop or laptop with which you can sync your iPad 2, use your computer software packages, and perform more complicated functions.

Still, the iPad 2 can provide you with a wider range of opportunities, greater flexibility, and hours of enjoyment. The iPad 2 is not cheap, but it can be well worth the investment.

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