Some Useful Golf Tips

Golf is one of those games that need a month to learn and a decade to master. It does not depend on physical strength nor does it depend on team work. Golf is one of those few sports that need the combination of skill, strength, mental strength and confidence. Without one, the golfer is incomplete. It is very important for a golfer to get his basic technique right. He should know how to play the basic important shots and should practice them in order to gain confidence. One effective way of practicing is imagining different scenarios from the game and playing it out on the range. This helps the player be ready for any kind of situation in the game and helps a person become confident about his own game.

Green is one of those areas where amateurs can easily shave strokes. What most players do under pressure is that they get short with their backstroke and then end up jabbing at the ball. This happens mostly on putts of ten feet or less. What one should ideally do is make a backswing that is a bit longer and this will eliminate the necessity of a quick forward stroke that might end up in the putt going wrong. One should look for the same tempo back and through and this is the way to go always.

One of the best ways to practice is by setting up a normal 10 footer and then placing the tee just outside the toe of the putter. Then go straight back from this tee and place another one where the backstroke would probably end. Work on the swinging the putter head from the tee in the first to the second and then practice releasing it through the ball. One should ideally not feel any change in grip pressure and because of this stroke just flows back and through. This way one can definitely improve one’s outing and be sure to nail those ten footer putts.

I am sure every golfer has heard their teacher, coach or friend tell them that one doesn’t have to keep the head down through a shot. Loss of posture is extremely undesirable in the game of golf. At the same time staying down and keeping the head low is not a solution that takes care of all the problems. When a person chipping the most common problem they face is that the club bottoms out right behind the ball. This is so because when a person is chipping and keeping the head and the body still like one usually does while putting and restricting the body form turning through leads to the club bottoming right before it reaches the ball. And that is what destroys the chip. What one must keep in mind is that a chip must be hit with a descending blow. And a descending blow requires the body turning back and through the ball.

If one is to master the game of golf then one has to ensure that he or she practices his basic shots as much as possible. Not only will that help the person gain confidence but also enable them to understand the nuances and the technicalities of the game which will later help in improvising.

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