How to Attract Money Into Your Life

You can attract more money into your life. In fact, you can do it right now. However desperate or bleak your situation may seem, however many times you may have tried and failed, you can change your money mindset in an instant. The principles outlined in this brief article never fail. In fact, they cannot fail as they are based on universal laws as solid as the laws of gravity. Gravity does not suddenly fail sending people floating off into outer space. Neither will the laws which govern the attraction of money. You do not need to understand quantum physics, metaphysics or indeed any type of physics in order to understand the principle of attracting money. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to adhere to natural laws – laws which are as ancient as time and as unwavering as the universe.

To attract more money into your life, all you need to do is change the way you think about money. It sounds incredibly simple, but in essence this is how the law of attraction works. You may have seen the popular film The Secret, and heard several of the best metaphysical teachers in the world talk about the law of attraction. However eloquently and succinctly they put it, the essence of their message is still the same – what you attract into your life echoes your thoughts and how you think.

It is incredibly difficult to change the way you think about money when the debts are piling up, the red letters are landing on the doorstep and you have debt collectors at your door. Debt for most people equals fear and turns their thoughts about money from positive to negative ones. Unfortunately, this leads to a vicious circle – negativity and fear of money attracts more of the same. At its most simple, thoughts equal energy and negative thoughts create negative energy which will create more of the same. The quantum physicists can explain exactly how this works and can explain the laws of sympathetic resonance, but for the lay person it is enough to understand that the way we think determines what we attract.

Turning back to money, many of us need to totally overhaul the way we think about money in order to attract more of it into our life. If we think that money is evil or negative, then we are subconsciously pushing it away from us. If we totally shift our way of thinking to see money as a positive force which can do great good in the world, we are opening up a channel through which we can receive abundance. Many of the world’s most wealthy people give away vast sums to charity to help other people and by doing so automatically attract more wealth. Giving to others attracts abundance and makes us feel good, increasing the positive vibrations surrounding us In turn, we attract more good things into our life.

By Tom. Tom is the webmaster of Investment Environment, a blog about small investments, savings and personal finance.

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