Small Bedroom Design Tips


Does a small bedroom often cause you a problem? Well, it should not be if you know how to decorate and design it appropriately. With the right approach, the fact that it is indeed small will be forgotten and instead you will feel like it is bigger and more comfortable to stay and relaxing. It may sound impossible, but you can actually achieve this and stop complaining that you have a small bedroom.

To do that, you can start de-cluttering your room from mess; you need to throw off everything that is not useful to you and replace it with the essentials. After that, you can follow these small bedroom design tips to achieve the bigger look and cosy feel of your room.

1. Colour
Use a brighter paint colour to your bedroom. This is a way to make any light that goes inside the small bedroom reflected in the bright colours, and it made your room feel bigger.

2. Mirrors
Put a mirror in some areas is a good way for adding dimension to the room. Mirrors enhance the spacious look of the room because of the reflection effect. Just do not place a mirror to an area that reflects the part of the room that you don’t want to expose.

3. Beds
Avoid a bed that will take up much of the space. Use a slim-framed bed or fold-down beds; they are perfect for small bedrooms. You can also bedroom closets, a bed type that is equipped with built-in shelves underneath it.

Another great choice is platform beds. These kinds of a bed are basically having a low height, approximately only one foot above the floor. The effect of a platform bed is it makes volume and you room will look bigger.

If the conventional beds are used, you can use the space underneath the bed to store shelves or boxes. At the side of your bed, you can place a table to put the reading lamp, books, glasses, etc. You just need to match your bed and the lamp to more of your taste.

4. Shelves
High book shelves are a great choice to store your small items, (of course) books and anything. This big high shelve makes any more kinds of furniture no longer necessary because you can put nearly all things in there. So your bedroom can just consist of one bed and one big shelf.

5. Furniture
Small furniture will also work well in a small bedroom. You need to arrange all the pieces well to save some space and still make them stylish. Put the furniture at angles, it creates a distraction of visual lines of the walls.

6. Wallpaper
This one item has a big impact on your room for bringing the illusion of bigger space. A horizontal pattern wallpaper creates the effects of expansions.

A perfect small bedroom design should make the room meets our personal requirement in creating the comfortable atmosphere we want. When you applied these ideas properly, it should have worked well with your small bedroom and change it into a more comfortable and relaxing place. Bedrooms should be a place where one can stay to rest at nights comfortably and also a private sanctuary.

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